South Bend buses now with 247Security Stop-Arm Cameras

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All South Bend school buses now have stop arm cameras to catch violators

Source: By DJ Manou, WSBT 22 Reporter. Thursday, August 15th 2019.

SOUTH BEND — South Bend students were back on the buses Thursday, and all of those buses now have stop arm cameras.

We got a look at how they work. The cameras not only have a wide scope covering four lanes, but also have night vision. Whenever the buses are on, the cameras are recording.

South Bend School Corporation is making it clear, passing a school bus with its stop arms out will not be tolerated.
Some buses had cameras last year, but this school year every bus is equipped and rolling.

“We are committed to student safety,” said Todd Cummings, South Bend Schools superintendent. “We are committed to monitoring the stop arm violations. We ask folks when they see the red lights stop, turn on your hazards and let our students get on the bus.”

Cummings says the district made sure the cameras were ready for Thursday.

Three kids were killed in Fulton County last year, crossing a highway to get on their bus. That tragedy was the extra push to make sure something like that doesn’t happen here.

“The tragedies happened in our area,” said Rene Sanchez, chief operations officer. “So this was a really easy way for us to make sure that the urgency was there. On the part of the budgeting, on the part the installation, so that way we know that we will be able to keep our students safe.”

Sanchez says it’s a regular occurrence to have drivers pass a bus when the stop arms are out.

“Usually it’s not necessarily the people driving behind the buses, it’s the people who are coming towards the bus,” said Sanchez. “We will be able to zoom in on whatever it is that we are going to need to zoom in on, to be able to identify the vehicle that is passing by.”

Cummings says the cameras are a big step in protecting students, but it’s not the only change the district has made to reduce the risks.

“We are also rerouting our buses away from busy intersections, ensuring curb side pickup for all of our students,” said Cummings.

Any violations caught on camera will be sent directly to the police, where they can get a hold of the driver.
With drivers now constantly on camera, the district hopes people will pay attention and think twice before trying to pass a bus.

Original Source Article by DJ Manou, WSBT 22 Reporter:

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Maintenance Tips

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Maintenance Tips

400/500 Series and ZEUS DVRs

• Check lights for power and recording –You should see green power and amber recording. If a Red light is flashing check your camera connections in live view on DVR viewer.
• Fan filters–To prevent overheating these should be cleaned out regularly (no fan filter on Zeus models)
• Power cable connection – Check to ensure your power connection is secure on the back of the DVR.
• Clean camera lenses – Get the best view possible wipe smudges and dirt with a soft cloth
• DVR mounting springs – these can wear over time on rough roads
• Check date and time – connect to live view using your provided LAN cable and a laptop with DVR viewer. Sync up your time a date stamps if they are off. IF YOU HAVE OUR GPS MODULE CONNECTED YOUR TIME AND DATE ARE ALWAYS BE IN SYNC.


• Check for proper hard drive configuration. If you are using DHD your Zeus should have the box check on the set-up page of DVR viewer in live view.
• If you are using standard HDD that box should not be checked and you should have the spring mounted base on the Zeus


• Make sure you have the latest version of DVRViewer, compatible with all of our DVRs.
• To Download, Visit or Click the button below


Reformatting Hard Drives

• Winter and Summer breaks are a great time to reformat your hard drives and start the new year with fresh recording space you want to. Follow these steps for a simple reformat.
• Swap drives of the SAME type (HDD or DHD) into a different DVR. Once the unit is powered up it will reformat the drive automatically. Ex. Remove the drive from bus #1 and put into bus #2, from #2 into #3 and so on.
• The units should all go into record mode when swapped. This is also a great way to test to make sure the drives are in good condition.