TVS22 Taxi Camera/Video System | Overview

At the heart of the TVS22 taxi camera system is the same technologies found on our Police In-Car-Video Systems where Image Quality, Public Privacy, Data Encryption, and the Integrity of Chain-Of-Evidence and Security are the prime concerns.

TVS22 employs patent-pending technology that combines software encryption and Electronic Hardware Security Keys to ensure that only law enforcement agencies can view the recorded images, thus ensuring that the privacy of drivers and passengers is not compromised.

The Electronic Hardware Security Key (EHSK) and Password are required to gain access to the TVS22. Each Key has a unique ID, which the TVS22 unit registers each time it is used to gain access to the TVS22. Law Enforcement agencies with their Police key can view images as well as the access-log of the TVS22 unit.

The download process is very quick and secure. Only law enforcement authorities using a Police notebook PC or a Police office PC (with PoliceViewer Software and Police Key installed) can access the TVS22 to view and to retrieve recorded images. The TVS22 can upload to the Police notebook PC or the Police office PC via a network cable at the rate of more than 3000 images per minute.

The TVS22 is compact and designed for easy installation. The camera head is small and can be mounted above the rearview mirror, side mirrors, or concealed. The unit has no ventilation holes and is designed to operate in the harshest urban conditions.


Highly secure encryption (Electronic Hardware Security Key)

High resolution images Solid state storage

Fast data transfer:(3000 images/minute)

Event/Sensor triggers

Wireless inspection tools (Optional)

Wireless data downloading (Optional)

GPS tracking and event recording (Optional)

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Features TVS22 Specifications
Camera Imaging technology: 1/3 CCD; Single Camera Lens: High Definition 2.9mm/ 3.6mm/ 4.3mm Lens; Dual Camera Lens: High Definition 4.3mm/5.5mm/6mm Lens Illumination: IR with proprietary technology to eliminate white-out (hot-spot) areas
Trigger Logic for Recording Electrical: Selectable Active Hi, Lo, Edge Trigger Lo to Hi, Edge Trigger Hi to Lo, Level Trigger; Typical event trigger sources: Door Open, Door Close, Taxi Meter On/Off, Panic Button, Brake, G-Force, Ignition On, Ignition Off
Recording Methods Recording at 5 images per second; 750 images prior to trigger and continue to recording 750 images after trigger; When the storage space is full, old image files are erased for new image files
Storage Storage Media: Compact Flash, 8Gbytes to 32Gbytes, removable with security tool; Image storage capacity:  360,000 images to 1,500,000 high quality images; Capability for Tamper-Evident Security Seal
Secure Storage Each time the panic button is pressed, it creates 1,500 panic images in 5 minutes. The panic images are stored in a secure storage area and can only be erased when the secure storage area is full. This secure storage area can store up to 15,000 panic images.
Recording information Date/Time, Location/Speed, Taxi ID, TVS22 Serial #, Camera Serial #, Event Flags, Video Data, Audio Data
Image Security and Privacy Proprietary Electronic Hardware Security Key required to access TVS22. All images are encrypted. Installer Key + TVSviewer software can setup TVS22 but can not view recorded video/images. Police Key + PoliceViewer software can view and retrieve video/images but can not setup TVS22. Inspector Key + TVSViewer software can view live video, check for proper operation, access the controller log, (recording log file) and audit report generation
Transfer Protocol Proprietary protocol
Images Download 10/100Base-T network cable with Police Electronic Hardware Security Key + PoliceViewer software;  Download rate at 3,000 images per minute
Setup 10/100Base-T network cable with Installer Electronic Hardware Security Key + TVSViewer software
Inspection 10/100Base-T network cable with Inspector Electronic Hardware Security Key + TVSViewer software
Operating Voltage +10V to +36V at 10W
Protection Protection of Reverse-Polarity, Transient, Over Voltage on all connectors
Dimensions 6.15” x 4.4” x 1.25”

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