A highlighting feature for all of 247Security’s Mobile Digital Video Recorder & Camera Systems is the ability to deliver crystal clear high-resolution recording on ALL video channels—a must-have for any modern high-quality digital video system.

High vs. Low Resolution

Why is Resolution so important?
A quality digital video system must deliver high-resolution video on ALL channels, because being clear on just one camera is not good enough to ensure the safety of your fleet. Video is useless if you cannot obtain clear images to identify objects or faces.

High-Resolution means Incident Resolution! At 247Security we don’t compromise on technology, so that you don’t have to compromise on security!

Having high-resolution video on all video recording channels ensures that your fleet is not simply covered
from all angles, but that the images are sharp and clear and actually usable for incident resolution.

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247Security delivers HandsFree Wireless (WiFi) video transfer. Whether you are a two bus operation, or two-hundred, the convenience of wireless frees you of day-to-day manual handling of video hardware.

Because Time is Money!
Being able to wirelessly transfer video data directly from the bus to where it is needed means valuable time saved! The less time spent sifting through tapes of video means more time for other duties. Having HandsFree wireless to do the work for you means saving valuable labor and operations cost, meaning more money for left over from your already tight budget to spend on other needs.

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247Security passive GPS & Vehicle data tracking to your Digital Video system to deliver an truly integrated security and information management solution. With MiniTRACK, you can find out where your vehicle was at any specified time. Track stops, speeding, idling, and more! Add VideoTRACK and you can synchronize video data to your GPS and SEE what enviroment your vehicle was in, for any data point.

GPS doesn't have to be expensive !
At 247Security, we strive to deliver quality, but also value. With that in mind we've developed a passive GPS solution to offer enhanced tools to help you manage your fleet, without the expense of real-time GPS equipment.

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As a core basic feature, 247Security offers convenient video transfer directly to a USB 2.0 flash memory drive. Plug the flash drive into the USB 2.0 port located on the front of the DVR unit. Built in software automatically queries for any marked-video, and downloads the marked-video data. With the Flash Memory Key, you take only what you need-- for convenient in-your-pocket portability, and quick plug-and-play viewing on any computer!

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Truly Plug-and-Play ready, our ultra-compact rugged, removable hard drive offers durability and convenience in a tiny form factor, and storage capacity up to 500 GBytes on some models.
And with no need for a docking station, our removable drives can plug directly into any computer via a standard USB 2.0 Cable, for quick plug-and play access to all your recorded videos!


With every system from 247Security, you get everything you need, right out of the box. There are no hidden costs, or extra hardware and software to purchase in order to get up and running.

Each systems come ready to go, with power cables, usb cables, event marker, usb memory stick, our exclusive DVRViewer software application.

Our systems come with a standard manufacturer-direct warranty , and of course, our unparallelled 247Security sales and technical support! Talk directly with our engineers and technicians toll-free at 1-866-693-7492.

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