DVRViewer247’S easy-to-use software DVRViewer Software makes retrieving video data very convenient. DVRViewer lets users search by video clip, alarm, date and time, or even GPS location.

Retrieve key details about on-board incidents or pinpoint the exact time and location a passenger exited the bus.

Create archives for video evidence while maintaining the privacy of passengers and drivers with our innovative blurring feature. Video review is made easy with DVRViewer software.

  • Multiple Camera Views – View 1, 4, 6 or more video channels simultaneously
  • Easy Video Look-Up Calendar – Simple calendar view lets you quickly search video by date timeframe
  • Timeline Navigation – Easily navigate video by clicking on the timeline to jump to specific event or time
  • Easy Video Navigation – Simple buttons, play/pause, forward/rewind, frame-by-frame, and volume controls
  • Map View – Display exact vehicle location and speed synchronized with video playback. (Requires MiniTrack)
  • Face/Zone Blur Feature – Blur faces of innocent passengers throughout the video to protect privacy
  • Save/Capture Options – Archive clips or screen caps using JPEG or proprietary .DVR format for privacy