[March, 2010]
Your DVR is “WiFi” Ready? Are You?

As DVR’s (Digital Video Recorder) continue to evolve with increased features and functions in the mobile environment, the next wave of functionality is revolving around wireless capability. But, what does that really mean?

Here are some questions and things to consider when making the move to wireless:

  1. What’s included? Is it just the internal or external (IEEE 802.11) wireless interface card or I am receiving additional components such as the external antenna for the bus, the building side wireless access point(s), cabling and software?

  2. Are you purchasing a solution or just the wireless capability? At the end of the day what are you actually buying, a DVR that can be used wirelessly or a turn-key wireless solution?

  3. Understand the process and the technology. How does it all work? Can you show me? Envision how it would work in your current environment, what if anything would need to change?

  4. Has anyone consulted with you to determine your requirements? Are they managing this as a project? They should!

  5. Is the solution robust enough for now and into the future? This is much different that installing a WiFi network in your home, this network will be running outside and dealing with the weather, size of the yard(s) and potential interference points with obstacles and varying topography.

  6. Is your IT department involved in the decision? There are so many additional complexities involved such as integration with an existing network, security, bandwidth, etc. I’m sure your IT department is interested, when you are planning to move large amounts of data wirelessly or through the schools existing infrastructure.

  7. Is any part of the solution automated? Is GPS data, or marked video events uploaded without user interaction? What about a status or DVR health check?

  8. What about customer support after the sale? Do they have a knowledgeable staff to address your wireless questions and issues that could arise?

  9. Is it cost effective? Whether you are planning for just a few buses, hundreds or thousands— it needs to be cost effective and reliable.

Completing your homework ahead of time and understanding the right questions to ask is very important. Make sure you clearly articulate what you expect. You may only be interested in the purchase of wireless ready DVR’s to make a future move to wireless easier or looking for a complete turn-key solution. In any case, know the details before you buy!

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