MiniTRACK Pro 3.2 | Introductory Trial & WebEx Demo

As a valued user of our unique GPS based solution, MiniTRACK (MT), you will notice that we have added some features to your account.

MiniTRACK now has the ability to analyze your fleet activities using Zone and Group functions. This upgraded version of MiniTRACK is called MiniTRACK Pro (MTPro)

Create groups within your fleet to quickly view information about a specific set of vehicles. Build driver groups, bus yard groups, feeder school groups, any fleet combination you can think of.

Review fleet information by creating your own zones with our quick and easy geo-fencing tool. Quickly check travel and speed patterns in specific areas within the district and have fast answers to some of those hard to answer questions about what was going on at a specific time or within a specific area in the past.

MiniTRACK Pro is now being offered to our new customers, but is available to you, our valued existing customers free of charge or obligation until April 1, 2010.

We will contact you before April 1st, 2010 to talk about your continued use of this cost effective and highly efficient tool. In the mean time, please take time to explore MTPro and let us know what you think.

On January 26th join us for an exclusive WebEx presentation, hosted by Rick Wheeler on the powerful capabilities of MiniTRACK Pro. Let us take you step by step through MiniTRACK Pro and learn how to make it work for you. Simply click on a time below to register for your desired slot.

MiniTRACK Pro | WebEx Presentation: Jan. 26th, 9AM EST

MiniTRACK Pro | WebEx Presentation: Jan. 26th, 1PM EST

In addition to the added features offered with MT Pro, you will notice that G-Force data tracking is also available through Minitrack. If you think tracking driving habits and analyzing incident/accident data can help improve FLEET and DRIVER Performance, ask your 247Security Sales Representative about how you can equip your fleet with DriveSafe, or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-693-7492.

To obtain a copy of your MiniTRACK Pro User Guide, Login to your MiniTRACK Account and click on DOWNLOAD.