ZEUS HD mDVR | Overview

Whether its Wireless & GPS integration, or just basic bare-bones video, the new ZEUS Mobile Digital Video System delivers all the right features in an affordable package.

Advanced functioning 30-30 Vision™ provides the best view on ALL cameras. Ground-breaking Hybrid Drive Technology gives you bulletproof durability and massive storage capacity.


E-Guard Power Loss Recording Protection - ZEUS HD continues to recording for two (2) minutes even in the event of a total power disruption.

Wireless Automation - Video/GPS/Vehicle data automatically delivered to your computer. Manage video and configure systems right from your office.

Vehicle Battery Protection - Integrated cut-off timer to isolate Camera System from vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off.

Email Warning Notifications - Automatically receive email alerts on your computer or mobile device should any issues arise.

Massive High Quality Video Data Storage) - Zeus with DHD provides high storage capacity.

Solid-State Drive Recording - ZEUS HD leverages the reliability of Solid-State Drive recording.

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Video Resolution Each camera can be independently configured to record at resolution up to 1280x720
Frame Rate Independently configured recording frame rate from 1fps to 30fps
Recording Modes Automatically s tarts recording when ignition is on, or when triggered by sensor input
Compression H.264
User Interface Web-browser-based with full control and setting
Data Retrieval Removable storage device, USB memory stick, Wireless Optional
Auto Over Write Yes
Driver Marked Video Clip Protection Yes, marked video clips by driver or by an event are protected, not erased until removed from DVR using USB memory s tick or wireless automation
Video Storage options 32GB/64GB/128GB SDHX/SDHC, or 60GB/128GB SATA SSD, or 320GB HDD, or 500GB/1TB/2TB DHD (Dual-stage Hybrid Drive)
GPS Receiver Optional GPS receiver with 15' cable, recording vehicle speed, GIS locations data, superimposed vehicle speed and GIS location data on video screen. When used with 247Security's back-end software (TouchDown™ server or MiniTrack), user can search for historical information of a vehicle or group of vehicles, what/where/when and how an event took place.
Delay Shutdown Timer User selectable from 5s to 2 hours
Super-Imposed Data on Video (OSD) Date and time, vehicle ID, sensor status, vehicle speed and GIS data with GPS option ins talled, fully user configurable
Real Time Clock Accuracy Drift less than 3 minutes per year, Drift less than 1 minute with GPS option
Number of Sensor 8 sensor inputs plus driver Event Marker push button
System Status LED Recording LED, video lost LED, system power on LED
Network Interface 10/100-base-T (Optional 802.11n WiFi)
Operating Temperature -22°F to 149°F / -30°C to +65°C with Flash or SSD or DHD Storage, -22°F to 122°F / -30°C to +50°C with HDD Storage, built in heater
Dimensions 2.14" x 6.47" x 8.63" / 5.4cm x 16.4cm x 21.9cm
Weight 3.15lbs / 1.43kg
Power Requirement Typical 7W plus 2W per camera
Over/Under Voltage Proctection Yes , -10V to 150V
Operating Voltage 8V to 28V
Vehicle Battery Protection Built in timer to disconnect the Camera System from Vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off, draws less than 4ma

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