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mDVR500 | Overview

The 500Series is 247Security’s second generation of Digital Video Recorders, designed specifically for the school bus industry. Built to withstand the hard roadgoing activities of school buses and any fleet vehicles requiring a tough mobile video solution.

With the 500Series, retrieving a specific recorded event is a quick few mouse clicks away, using our included DVRViewer software. There is no need to purchase expensive docking hardware or extra viewing software with any 247Security product.


USB 2.0 Flash Memory, makes video transfer simple

Separate Audio Channel for each Video Channel

No ventilation fan, for cleaner operation

Removable Hard Drive, with USB 2.0 connectivity

No extra office hardware or software required for playback

Event-Marking Button for easy event reviewing

MPEG4 Compression for greater storage capacity

Input Sensors for lights, brakes, doors, etc.

720x480 recording resolution for crystal clear images on all channels

GPS-ready for recording speed & location data

Low power consumption means cooler operation

Snap Connectors and small footprint makes installation easy

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Feature mDVR500 Specification
Video Recording Resolution: Each channel can be set at D1 (720x480) or CIF (360X240) independent of other channels.
Video Compression: MPEG4 compression, 4 levels for video quality
Video Recording Frame Rate: Channels can independently be set to record from 1fps to 30fps at D1 or CIF. All channels can record simultaneously at 30fps with D1 (720x480) resolution
Video recording channels: 2 or 4 channels,  30fps/channel
Power Requirement: Requires less than 12W, Normal Operating Voltage range: 8V – 24V, Abnormal Operating Voltage: 6V to +28V for up to 10s, Over and under voltage protection, system draws less than 24ma when off
Audio Recording Channels: 2/4 audio channels; Camera has built-in noise-reduction microphone, One audio recording channel synchronized to each video recording channel
Camera connection: Video/Audio/Power on one cable, with locking mechanism
Internal Hard Drive: Small, Rugged, Hot-Swap Removable (USB. 2.0), Built-in heater, 80 to 500 GB (2.5”  mobile hard drive)
Wireless Networking Option: WLAN 802.11g/n , RF900 Modem
Industrial Standard Interfaces: Two 10/100 Base-T on two RJ45 ports, one RS232/GPS, one RS232, one USB 2.0 port, Digital Inputs
GPS Option: GPS module connected to DVR with one cable, up to 40’  in length GPS data can be logged for over 15 years
Working temperature: -30°C to +55°C  / -22°F  to +131°F  
Mounting: Vertical, Horizontal, or Oblique
Housing dimensions: 19.4 cm x 17.6 cm x 5.1 cm  /  7.64” x  6.90” x 2.0” 
Weight: 1.3kg / 2.8 lbs.

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