Mobile Digital Video Recorders & Fleet Solutions - 247Security Inc. | Home - Designer and Manufacturer of Mobile Digital Video Cameras and Surveillance Systems, including school bus video surveillance cameras, transit bus cameras, police in-car video, taxi cameras, a full range of cameras and accessories, infrared, ShieldCam, GPS tracking, MiniTrack, G-force, Sensor inputs, and WiFi wireless
Ensure the safety of your drivers---and loved ones. Resolve conflicts and liability issues, and more! Protect the safety of passengers, track your fleet, and protect your organization from costly litigation Give your drivers peace-of-mind, and take confidence knowing your fleet is protected. Give our "Finest" protection in their day-to-day duties, so they can confidently serve the public good.
Student transportation and special-needs vehicles Transit buses, Coach buses, and Light Rail vehicles Taxicabs, Limousines and white fleet vehicles Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire&Rescue Service vehicles
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