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TouchDown™ II is 247's turn-key solution for managing video and GPS data wirelessly and locally. TouchDown™ is made up of three major components: HandsFREE Wireless, MiniTRACK GPS, and DriveSafe G-Force detection, along with other advanced features including Automatic System Health Check, Intelligent Live Tracking, and More!


• Wireless data transfer (802.11G) of system marked events. A marked event is defined by the user depressing the event mark button attached to the DVR.
• Wireless data transfer of requested video events made by the user from the SmartFleet application.
• Encrypted and secure data


• Powerful low cost fleet management tool
• Passive GPS monitors path, speed, idling, stops, bus stops and more.
• Independent application, or integrated within TouchDown™
• Data displayed on maps or text reports as tabulated records
• Easily export data to MS Excel spreadsheet for review & analysis


• Driver performance management
• Track driving patterns by identifying abnormal vehicle events (hard braking, rapid starts, impacts, etc.)
• Combine with MiniTRACK for a comprehensive training solution.

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