247Security’s lineup of cameras, include the ShieldCAM™, with its innovative windshield-mounting bracket offers you greater flexibility and more coverage options than ever before. Now you can choose to see not only inside the vehicle but also monitor what goes on outside, or up the road ahead. You can review boarding and exiting procedures while capturing incidents occuring at the doors, as well as outside and in front of the vehicle.

Built for ease of installation, each camera installs with a single cable connection to supply power together with audio and video outputs. Encased in machined aluminum and protected by a polycarbonate lens shield; our cameras are built to withstand impact, vibration, and abuse that is inherent in the day-to-day operation of your fleet.

Windshield Cameras

Our innovative ShieldCam™ can be mounted directly to window glass for viewing either outside or inside the vehicle. The unique mounting hardware creates minimal visual obstruction while allowing maximum camera viewing angles.

Dome Cameras

A Dome Camera is compact size, light weight, encased in machined aluminum with a vandal-resistant polycarbonate lens shield and have been designed for rugged mobile applications.

Regular Interior Infrared (IR) Cameras

Our regular interior cameras are low-power, low failure rate, and low maintenance. They provide clear HD imaging even in complete darkness due to its eight infrared (IR) illuminators. Unlike our competitors’ fixed wedge housing cameras, 247Security’s interior cameras have a flexible 3-axis pivot camera control system, which means that they can be mounted on any surface and still get 360 degrees of aiming. There is no view you can’t capture with our regular interior cameras. Also, they’re also extremely easy to install. With three simple screws and a single strand pigtail connector cable, our cameras are installed in mere minutes.

Low-Profile Interior Infrared (IR) Cameras

Our low-profile interior camera have the same video and infrared (IR) functionality as our regular version, but their recessed housing design is specifically designed for installations that require flush mounting. Projecting only a ¾ inch, our low-profile interior cameras allow for a more discreet appearance without losing its flexible aiming capabilities.

Exterior Cameras

The exterior waterproof camera is ideally suited for Stop-Arm applications, truck/trailer integrity and general exterior viewing needs. Our exterior cameras are capable of capturing legible license plate information from vehicles that are travelling 75 mph within a three-lane range, even in complete darkness. With its durable casing, our exterior cameras are designed to withstand harsh conditions and rugged environments.

Dual Camera Systems

Our Dual Camera is meticulously designed for the Taxi/Limo industry and allows for views of both driver and passenger(s) by using a front-facing wide-angle camera and a backseat-facing infrared camera.

HD Dual Camera Systems

Our HD Dual Camera fits behind the rear view mirror for an unobstructed view. With two types of lenses, the HD Dual Cam allows you to capture both a wide-angle hood view as well as a more zoomed-in perspective to ensure you capture legible license plate information.


PanCam™ is meticulously designed to increase officer safety by capturing an extremely large field of view without user intervention, providing legible license plates across three traffic lanes, and providing an ultra wide-angle close-up view in the front of the vehicle. The PanCam is small enough to be installed behind the rear-view mirror to provide an unobstructed view.

Zoom Cameras

A Zoom Camera is available with our Law Enforcement PW II System. Operator-controllable, this camera is ideal for applications such as closer inspection or identification of external objects or License Plate Recognition applications.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Cameras

A WDR Camera allows you to capture clear video footage regardless of lighting by digitally adjusting exposure parameters to display detail in otherwise highly under- or over-exposed areas. Special waterproof WDR cameras have been developed for transit and light rail applications.

Stop-Arm Camera Systems

Both our 3-camera and 5-camera Stop-Arm Camera Systems (SACS) have been designed to offer a flexible and reliable method to deploy a Stop Arm Violation Program in order to reduce the frequency of stop-arm running.

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