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What makes a video system in a Taxi valuable? Why do we want to record events while the taxi travels our city streets, day and night?

Peace of mind may be a good place to start. Drivers deserve to have the security of knowing that their passengers know they are being recorded. And passengers certainly want to know that they have a security provided in such a way that they will not find their face on the internet.

247Security has studied the taxi market and the result is a video system that works for everyone. A system that makes passengers feel secure, drivers safer and law enforcement confident that they will have solid evidence.

Starting with our approval by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, 247Security has developed a video system that meets everyone’s needs in the Taxi industry.

Ours compact system is easy to install and conceal. It provides full motion video at the same price as other leading solutions that provide a series of still pictures. We feature a very fast download rate that saves time and money as well as a unique three level data protection system that ensures only the highest authority will ever access the video.

Peace of mind for everyone at an affordable price!

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TVS6 TVS22             
TVS6 TVS22         
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ShieldCam Dual Camera Systems Dome Cameras     

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