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247Security has been at the forefront of digital video system development for the school bus and pupil transportation industry. In fact, 247Security systems are among the first products to be recoginized as a "Recommended Product" by the NAPT.

With a broad range of system solutions, we can meet the needs of any school district or contractor, big or small, building a system and service to fit your budget.

Systems range from 1 to 8 cameras, with a variety of video storage configurations from solid state to the largest hard drives available.

Evaluating video systems can be difficult and we would urge you to consider some of the things that we think are important:

• Track record of the supplier. Do we know the school bus industry? With over 125 years of direct operating experience on staff, we understand what you do day in and day out!

• What do our customers say? We have hundreds and hundreds of fleets already using our systems, and we would like you to talk with them.

• Can we demonstrate our capabilities? Let’s get a demo into your fleet!!

• What happens after the sale? This is what we do best! Test us and come to know that we are true to our word!

And check out the extras:

• See how our HandsFree™ wireless, and SmartServer™ video management solutions can make your life easier and save money

• Get a demo of MiniTRACK™—our passive GPS system and see for yourself how we are way ahead of the competition in providing an affordable and very useful daily management tool that tracks your fleet, providing reports that make sense to you, the school bus professional.

• Find out how DriveSafe™ can enhance your driver training and accident investigation program.

Have a look around our website and give us a call. We want to talk to you about the most advanced video program available and how we can get started providing a package that meets your needs and your budget.

For more information, please contact us at sales247securityinc.com

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